Volume 7, Number 1, March 2013

  • Editorial
  • Section 1 – Academic Contributions
    • Informal Funds Transfer systems as a target of customs enforcement
      Chang-Ryung Han and Robert Ireland
    • Completeness, correctness and reliability of customs control
      Yuri V Malyshenko
    • The effective contribution of excise taxation on non-alcoholic beverages to government revenues and social objectives: a review of the literature
      Rob Preece
    • Quantifying the effect that aid for trade facilitation has on customs clearance in Sub-Saharan Africa in terms of time and cost
      Motohiro Fujimitsu
    • Customs in international relations: the Indian context
      Parthasarathi Shome
  • Section 2 – Practitioner Contributions
    • Leadership development: the road to successful capacity building
      Lars Karlsson
    • A perspective on the impact of trade friction on customs performance
      Libing Wei
  • Section 3 – Reference Material
    • Guidelines for Contributors
    • Editorial Board

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